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CiCi's Pizza CouponAfter a long day of visiting the Magic Kingdom theme park I was in a mood to chow down. I wanted to eat somewhere close to my rental home and my wife said she had some coupons for CiCi’s Pizza. I have never heard of CiCi’s Pizza but all I need to know was that it was a buffet and I was convinced to go. The coupon allowed me to receive a FREE buffet as long as I purchased an adult buffet and two 32oz. to-go drinks. This is definitely on of the better coupons I have ever received so you can bet I was stoked to check them out.

As soon as I entered CiCi’s Pizza I took out a few bills to pay for my buffet. Turns out, I didn’t need to pull out that many bills considering that the adult buffet was only $5.99! Sounds like a bargain to me. I love pasta but CiCi’s Pizza took pasta to a whole new level. They have almost every pizza type imaginable including a variety of meat lover’s pizzas and vegetable pizzas for veggie lovers. Personally, my favorite has and always will be cheese pizza so I snagged as much cheese slices as my tummy can take. I also noticed some tasty looking pasta so I fixed myself a small bowl of that and boy was it scrumptious. I thought my stomach has reached maxed capacity after eating so much pizza and pasta but I decided to make room after I noticed CiCi’s Pizza also offered deserts. I spoiled myself to a delicious brownie and a slice of apple pizza. What really caught my attention were the cinnamon rolls. I must have consumed about 5 of those delicious babies.

After my overfilling meal my wife and I went back to our rental home. I was afraid to relax in my pool because of all the food I ate. I felt almost guilty considering I only paid $5.99 for an adult buffet and I managed to eat so much. Whenever I have the urge for some pasta goodness I’ll make sure to give CiCi’s Pizza a visit in the near future.


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