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Logan's RoadhouseMy stomach was speaking words to me and those words were “MEAT”. I can truly appreciate a juicy bloody steak. There are always people telling me going vegan is the way to go but vegans must not know what a juicy steak tastes like. If it were up to me I would eat a steak everyday if I wasn’t so cheap. Today was different and my craving for meat superseded my cheap ways. While looking through my wallet I spotted something that caught my attention. It was a coupon for Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant. I quickly put that back into my wallet and dressed for success. My wife was taking a nap so I made sure I left before she could wake up. All my buddies were busy doing college night ‘activities’ so my last resort was to go with my old buddy Rafael.

I have never been to Logan’s Roadhouse before but what I do know is that they serve a ton of meat. Rafael and I managed to have luck in our hands and we scored a sexy waitress. I showed her my coupon and I was able to get a FREE appetizer! I chose Country Fried Chicken Tenders as my appetizer and my luscious waitress went off to get the appetizer and our waters. As she turned away Rafael couldn’t help to peek at her model looking body and he quoted “Never in all my years! I’d give her some of the old Rafanator”. I couldn’t help to laugh my butt off when he said that. He always finds a way to make people laugh with his random comments and his weird English accent.

When our waitress returned she had more than we expected. She had the chicken tenders that I ordered as well as a small bucket of peanuts. This explained why there were peanut shells all over the floor of the restaurant. Apparently, you may throw the peanut shells to the floor if you wanted too, no questions asked. Rafael and I didn’t hesitate and were eating our chicken tenders while throwing our peanut shells like fiends. When it was time to order our food, Rafael decided to go with the Grilled Steak Salad. My stomach did not want a wink of veggies so I ordered the Onion Brewski Sirloin. I went with that meal only because it was cooked with man’s greatest invention, beer. Too be exact, the eight ounce top sirloin steak is stacked on top of Michelob Amber Bock beer-braised onions and is smothered with garlic butter and topped with crispy onions. If that doesn’t spell a meal for Zeus I don’t know what does. After a bit of peanut eating and throwing our beautiful waitress came back with our meals. Rafael couldn’t help to make another weird/funny comment when eating his salad because of how good his salad tasted. In his words, with a mouth full of food, he said “BINGO!” Usually something like that would embarrass me but I was too concentrated on my delicious steak. The steak was the definition of manliness. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chuck Norris himself cooked my steak. My tongue felt like they were receiving karate chops from him because of all my taste buds that were being triggered.

After a beat down of our flavorful food, Rafael and I washed it down with some Yuengling beer before tipping our waitress. I was about to tip the waitress but Rafael insisted on tipping instead. I don’t know how much he tipped but our waitress sure was happy with him. Rafael said he was definitely coming back and I have a feeling the waitress is one of his primary reasons. I would definitely return and that is because Logan’s Roadhouse sure knows how to feed a monster stomach.


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